Recover deleted scene


I have accidentally deleted a scene in my project (id: 736977)
By chance, i have done a backup download using the REST API of the deleted scene 1 hour ago (id: 1070754).

I have downloaded a backup of the entire project. I have tried to re-add the deleted scene in the project, but i have an error during the import “Invalid hash for scenes.json”

Is it possible to recalculate the hash of this file and give it to me ?

Thanks by advance


What you can do is import your backup to a new project. Open up the deleted scene, copy the entities in the deleted scene, create a new scene in the actual project and paste the entities.

TLDR, you can copy and paste entities between scenes and projects.

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The backup i have is only a scene, not the entire project…
What i have understand is that i can only import previously exported project, and not scene…

What i tried to achieve, is modifying an exported project by re-adding the backuped scene, and re-import the project. The problem i have is the hash of the scenes.json file due to deleted scene added in it.

Do you have any checkpoints in version control of the scene?

No :frowning: , just the initial one.

I think the hashes are salted. @vaios may be able to help here

Hi @vaios,
Any chance you could have a look today on this issue ?
Thanks by advance


it sounds like you haven’t downloaded a project archive but rather a build. We cannot recover a scene from a downloaded build - you can recover a project if you export it (from the dashboard) and then import it into a new project. You cannot download a backup of a single scene - it can help if you tell us which route of the REST API you used?

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I have use this REST API :
and after this one for downloading the job :

This is for downloading an ‘app’ or a build of your project so you can self host it on your server. That’s not a project backup unfortunately. But you can view the json file of your scene to recover values you have set to components etc…

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