Recording footage

Hey all,

I am starting to reach the end of my game project finally (woohoo!) and I was wondering, is there a preferred way to record gameplay from playcanvas? I’d like to get as high a framerate as possible so if anyone has any tips I’d love to hear them!

Hi :wave: @hearsepileup

There are so many different screen recorder available… You can check here…

  • OBS Studio [Recommended] (Win/Mac/Linux): (Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.)

I recommend this one but it is up to you and your system which one you want to use.

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Hey, thanks for the recommendation!

I’m afraid it’s not really screen recording software I’m looking for though - as a mac user I can quite easily use Quicktime’s ‘screen recording’ mode. Apologies - it was my bad for not being more specific!

I’ve been considering using the MediaRecorder api, but have heard that both using a screen recorder and using mediarecorder generally tend to lead to choppy framerates in the final recording. A friend of mine has recommended his approach here:

But I’m a little concerned that if I try to record a 3-4 minute play session that the approach may not work out so well - especially for a rhythm game where syncing to sound is important…

Although, on another reading it seems this approach relies on a fixed length and no user input, it may well not work for me :frowning:

If a screen recorder is the only option then I guess I’ll have to deal with it, but it would be great to get a really high fps recording if possible - I was intending to use it for a music video!

Well, If you have low config system then you face frame drop issue during video recording.
You can use following kind of trick.

Definitely not recommended because recording may affect upon glossiness of screen and surrounding environment lighting.

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Is this needed as a feature in the game/application itself? If not, OBS with quality setting:

Worked well for me when doing the PlayCanvas showcase video: PlayCanvas Showcase 2021 | PlayCanvas


Cool, no it’s definitely not required in the app. If OBS seems like the best option I’ll give it a shot and see if it works. Thanks for the advice, both of you!

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