Record Video of Camera Tracks


we are trying to do some demo videos of camera tracks we made in our project, and I am looking for any advice on how we best create these. We tried screen capturing but were not really happy with the results.

Ideally we want the canvas content rendered frame-by-frame to an image sequence. Is there any built-in function in PlayCanvas we could use, or what do you recommend?


The best recorder i know is in the nvidia geforce-experience program, in the Share section. If you got an nvidia gpu give it a try, its great. Here are the requirements.

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We used OBS but we did have a very powerful CPU (i7 series) to do software encoding which usually gives very good results.

Screenflow tends to work quite well on Macs.

You can try Dxtory but I don’t know if that works for WebGL

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You could made a system, where you would override tick method and delta time calculation in order to manually trigger application ticks. And then add saving canvas buffer into an image and send it to your local server small nodejs app to save as file somewhere.
Then there should be plenty of tools that allow to take bunch of images and make video out of them.

This would be very bandwidth and size intensive process, but you would be able to render in very different resolutions (4K as well), and with video looking at 60fps at the end. I would call it holy-grail for quality approach. But it as you can see requires a bit of extra engineering done.

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@cameraMan: Thanks, unfortunately I’ve got an AMD card in my computer, but I will let one of my collegues try.

@yaustar: I think this will be the easiest way yes, thank you very much for the links!

@max: Now this would of course be the perfect solution :slight_smile: for now we will go the screen capturing way, since it is less work to do. But I will be looking into this, thank you!