Realtime SSAO?

Hi, anyone have any clue how I could possibly add real time ambient occlusion? …and if one exists somewhere would it work on mobile?


Hi @Grimmy,

In the PlayCanvas engine repo you can find a very good SSAO implementation (copy/paste your script in your project, parse it and the ssao effect to your active camera):

Here you can see it run live, among other effects: PlayCanvas Examples

But I wouldn’t use such a heavy post effect on mobile. Usually I would bake ambient occlusion offline and use it as a texture on the material on the Ambient channel.

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Great. Is that a javascript or a shader? I tried dragging on to the camera as a regular script component but its doesnt seem to work.

It’s JavaScript, it should work if you parse it first. Try adding a script component and find the ssao script and add it.


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