Realtime shadows keep being cast by disabled entity (new bug after last update)

Dear reader,

Just recently we noticed weird behaviour in our projects that wasn’t there before. We ‘configure’ options in a house by enabling and disabling models. But now shadows seem to still be cast even though the entity is disabled. Even in realtime!!, the object is still there as far as the shadowcaster is concerned.
An example project showcasing exactly this bug can be found here:
We’ve made a directional light that can be rotated (arrow keys) and a cube that can be hidden (d key).

It’s weird because this problem used to not be there, it seems a newly introduced bug in a recent update.

Thanks for reading,

Hi @JangoH,

Thanks for reporting this issue, we are having a look at this.

Engine v1.10.1 now deployed. All should now be well. Let me know if I’m mistaken and I’ll take another look.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.