Realtime paraboloid reflections

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Is there any project (except casino example), which would explain the use of realtime reflections ?

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First things first. Have you read the sections on Physically Based Rendering in the User Manual?

The only thing those sections don’t talk about is box-projected cubemaps. This is how the reflection mapping is done in demos like the Orange Room. For example, check out the reflection of the TV screen. Is that what you’re asking about?

Thank you for your answer. I know the static cubemap method, but I need method of the reflection for animated scene objects like this Babylon demo:

Is it possible to create something like this with Playcanvas?

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@will ,

How do we use box-projected cubemaps as shown in Orange Room and a few other demos on PC? I have baked out some cubemaps from 3dsmax and used it on the material of the object that needs reflection. But this works only on Phong. It reflects the skybox only when in PB mode. Any way in which i can utilize the AABB method in PBR mode?


You can check off ignore skybox in the PBR material, way down at the bottom in other properties of the material roll out

Hi I need Realtime reflection how can I Implement It in playcanvas?

If you wanted realtime reflections on the balls for that scene, you’d have to render the scene to a cubemap (so one per cubemap face i.e. 6 times) per ball (so 22 times). So that’s 132 times! That would be prohibitive. I’m not sure what technique a snooker game would normally use to get realistic reflections on the balls that wouldn’t incur these very high costs.

no problem just tell me how can I render the scene to a cubemap?

A single pre rendered cubemap of the room for every ball should suffice here. I agree with Will that there is no need for real time reflections.

If you want to go down the real-time reflections (which we heavily font recommend as your framerate will drop like a stone), look for the render to texture examples in the forums.