Realtime Chat lands in the PlayCanvas Editor

Check out the announcement about the new realtime chat feature in the Editor:

Got any suggestions for improvements? Add them here and we’ll see if we can work some magic to make it happen. :smile:

Voice would be nice, but that would probably slow down the editor.

There are many great voice solutions, and they don’t need visual integration with tools, while chat visually would, as it requires input from user hands.
So any other voice solutions out there, simply as skype, does great job, and there would be no advantage making own solution.

Very true. Me and my friend use Steam voice chat. I would recommend that over Skype due to the fact that Skype is way more cpu-intensive.

Are you only able to use the chat in projects for which you have permissions? I noticed when I was in someone else’s project editor I couldn’t see the chat box

That’s correct, yes. Otherwise, you’d be able to grief people in their projects. I think it’s right that the project owner controls who can chat in their projects.

Cool, that makes sense! Just wasn’t sure how it worked exactly

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