Really need a coder and modeler for a website(tinierme)


hey there im Eva and im looking for help to make a dead website back to life ^^ its not a paid job yet but soon it will be up i can maybe invite you guys to the beta test :smiley: and u will get credit :slight_smile:


hmm code,model sounds like the two things I pretty good at but Im into multibioon or million dollar projects lol


Hmm, it sounds interesting, but tbh, I’m not that good at making websites. I’m pretty good at making WebGL games using PlayCanvas though.


Btw I know Im ok at doiing websites in html so if you help with that Im here


Well, if anyone needs help making a game, I’m here.


yeah i still need help ^^


Bet so what section do you really need the most help on


animations and modeling and coding :slight_smile:


Wll I kniw how to do the modeling and coding lol animations just use maximo


well its not a 3d its 2d with flash :smiley:


hmm interesting I see


If it’s Flash developers you want, then you are asking on the wrong forum.