Ready Player Me with Anim Component

Is there an example project using the anim component? I’ve done the above (including generating the animations from the fbx reference model in the UE 5 plugin)

PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine is my example project.

The bone structure is the same, but the hierarchies are different when importing the glb vs the reference fbx.

Screen Shot 2022-12-20 at 15.01.32

Ok so this is a clue I guess…

I took my own downloaded avatar as opposed to the reference FBX that they suggest in their documentation.

I then did the fbx export and did a new mixamo animation.

The root bone of the imported FBX is “Armature” but the root bone of the “Wolf3d_avatar” is the Hips.

UPDATE: if I use an animation created from the FBX of my avatar (not the reference avatar) then the animation works on the imported.

Trying to work out what is different that is causing the issue and it looks like a difference in scale where the imported FBX and animations are just 100 times larger than when loading the GLB at runtime.

Because of the scale difference, the curves for the animations are much larger and can’t be applied to the GLB loaded model from RPM.

I’m not sure where the issue is though. Whether it’s related to our FBX importer or something else entirely.

The issue we seeing looks very close to rigging - scale up my rigged character with animation - Blender Stack Exchange

Okay, I think I’ve worked out what is going wrong and how to ‘fix’ it

The reference model from this page: Loading Mixamo Animations - Ready Player Me – Developer Documentation is a different rig in scale and hierarchy to the GLB that you are using

So the exported animations from Mixamo didn’t work with the GLB from RPM.

To ‘fix’ this, I downloaded the GLB, converted it to a FBX in Blender and used that as the reference character in Mixamo.

Now the exported animations from Mixamo work correctly



Thanks for looking into it. I guess I should file some sort of bug with ready player me :). I ended up with the same work around as well.

So based on these findings, until this bug is fixed RPM avatars must be passed through Blender before they can be used with Mixamo animations within PlayCanvas - is that correct?

Only when used in the editor. Runtime loading works fine.

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Yeah, from what I remember of this, you only need the RPM avatar through Blender to get the initial rig to create Mixamo animations that can be used with the RPM GLBs at runtime.