Reading an Excel (.xls) file in PlayCanvas

Hello.Hope whoever reads this is in good health.
I have recently switched to Playcanvas from unity to make some games for Web but I am having it a bit rough to make some ends meet; coming from C# to Js environment. I wanted some guidance on how to load/read an Excel file in Playcanvas since i am looking to read some data for leader board from a .xls file.
Any sort of help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @Osman and welcome,

Since PlayCanvas is a regular JavaScript library running in the browser means you can use any other browser compatible JS library.

Try looking online for a JS library that reads XLS files. Here is an example:


Usually a common approach is to export json file (or other similarly simple to parse text file) from Excel, and read this in your project.


Ah i see. Thanks a lot for quick reply, but i havent really used/imported another library before. I 'll look into that .

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