Re using Entities


Like in Unity3d… Unreal… Can we create a entity and then save as an asset so that we can re use at many places.

ex : If we make a Main menu, Pause screen of GUI… we can re use that in other games as well

This would help a lot as i am doing 10 games at once

Please let me know the best way with which i could re use the entities that i create

I guess you’re referring to Unity’s prefab system. PlayCanvas doesn’t yet have a mechanism for sharing ‘templated’ entities (or entity hierarchies) across scenes/projects. However, I believe that you can copy and paste entities and entity hierarchies across scenes and projects. Give it a try.

A prefab-like system will be introduced at some point - it’s just not there yet. :slight_smile:

Are there any updates on when this prefab system is coming?

I’ve heard this is a closed beta? Can I gain access to it?

Hi @zkr,

Indeed there is progress going on right now on this, @yaustar may be able to provide more information to this.

Templates are still in beta at the moment and trying to iron out the last few edge cases. Shouldn’t be too long now :crossed_fingers: