Re-Upload old Project (sadly not working)

Hello dear Playcanvas Developers,

It has been a long time but im glad to be here again :slight_smile:

I have to duplicate and old project(2018) to adjust it for a brand new webpage. The project is very simple. No Branches, No fancy Shaders, only a few MB in size.
Sadly I can not re-upload the downloaded zipped project files. I had readed every forum-thread about problems about re-uploading projects. But I can not solve the problem. This are my steps:

What im doing wrong?


Why are you extracting the files and creating a new zip? Just import the downloaded project archive.

Also, you can simply fork the project.

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Strangely it is downloaded as an “open folder”. I can not import an open folder. So I have to zip it again.
But thanks you for your hint with the “Fork” Button!
Forking solves all the problems because it duplicates the project. Thanks!