Ray Tracing - SSAO and Photorealistic rendering


I was wondering if it’s possible to add a Ray tracing button or a “Render Scene button” to my canvas.
I have a model of a house which can be edited in Real time by a set of options.
After the user makes his choice i would like to ad Ray tracing (or something) to Render the model so it looks even more photorealistic.

I’m not sure how to ad ray tracing to my model - is there any example projects or scripts that can help me.
I’m kinda new at programming in javascript :s

I notice that migenius has a playcanvas project where they rotate the model and afterwards Renders the image.

Something like that would be great to implement.

Thanks in advance


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This is very advanced area wheat Migenius are doing. It is essentially whole startup trying to solve such challenge.
Raytracing even today is still not viable option due to it’s huge complexity and performance requirements.

Something you are asking, is very big challenge regardless of a tool. If you do want to solve it, it would be a big research for months you would have to carry out, as it is unique problem with no ready out-of-the-box solutions out there.


Thanks for the answer , i feard it would be a little out of my league :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway