Rant about FBX scene import ( brought up many times previous )

I’m working on a project that has a relatively simple scene of 73 items.

The artist time required to make this ( based on a source image ) was about 2 hours, and they do a single FBX export that they send to me.

In Unity, I can import this FBX for the first time ( 2 minutes ), and start visually manipulate any of the individual 73 entities, see below…

In PlayCanvas, in order to be able to visually manipulate the 73 items, the artist now has to go through the process of…

  • centering each item
    ( optional - resetting the rotation and scale on each item )
  • exporting each item separately as a FBX file

( 30 seconds per model, 35 minutes ).

  • ZIP and send all FBXs to me


Then, I have to import all 73 FBXs ( import all at once - about 2 minutes ), and manually drag them all to the scene ( again, select all and drag all at once - 2 minutes ). I can now finally move them individually ( in fact, I have to, as they are all now placed at the center - about 20 minutes ).

( note, the image above is the same FBX that was imported into Unity, the process of breaking it down hasn’t started yet )


The artist has to update the 3d source scene ( eg optimise all the meshes, or add a bevel ) ( time can vary )

For Unity, they re-export the FBX and send it to me ( 2 minutes ). I re-import, and everything updates ( 2 minutes ).

For PlayCanvas, they have to re-center and re-export every single model again ( 35 minutes ). I then have to re-import the FBX file, and hope that the original file gets updated, otherwise I have to use the replace feature on every .json file and delete the old ones.

I want to do this project in PlayCanvas, and even already knowing the issues in advance, I’m just frustrated that the workflow involves more steps ( which means more opportunity for error ), and more time which means more cost.

Rant over :slight_smile:

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It would be nice for PlayCanvas to show the graph nodes as part of the hierarchy in the Editor and have them to be movable (quite happy for them not to have scripts/components etc like pc.Entity).

My guess it isn’t quite as simple due to the lazy loading system that is in place so at some point, the modified positions of the meshes have to be applied after the asset has loaded somehow.

Easy or not, this seems like an important deficiency. It reminds me of things like the inability to save off and import materials or the simple inability to see assets in a simple list view.