Racing games library - rgn.js

Hi I want to share with my lib for racing games, the lib is inside folder called lib/rgn

the editor is unfinished
but lib works, you can try and let me know what to improve thx
in editor you can make a json of car parameters by clicking on button Car on the left to make it to appear the form and typing some data into form dat.gui and click generate to add car data (generate adds next car params so when you fill the form click generate, the cars there are added and when u repeat the step there are 2 cars and so on and you have the array of objects that is of cars) then export to json file or you can use lib and then make of use of it with using class Car (there are params used in editor form)
generally you can:

  • calculate ackermann steering,

  • choose a random item, just provide array of items

  • convert from kmh to mph, m to km and so on

here is the screen of form

and here is the generated json of car data (I didn’t provide all parameters for this screenshot, that’s why the json is not filled)

and you can download the data :slight_smile:
and here is the location of the lib

here are the car params in class Car