Quick Question on Physics Consistency

So I tried out a game I was making on a few different computers, and it seems the physics is different on all of them. On my 4 GB RAM Laptop, the physics feel too floaty. On my Chromebook, the physics are ok. On my new 16 Gb RAM Laptop, you can barely jump off the ground and the physics feel too heavy. How should I go about fixing this?

Link To Editor: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Well Ammo.js physics aren’t generally deterministic, unless certain steps are taken in very specific scenarios.

But I wouldn’t expect that much difference as you describe @DevPlex01. Are you doing anything special with your game?

Could you try a simpler physics examples from the tutorials page in those devices? And see if you are getting similar inconsistencies.

Well for one I’m not using delta time. It causes issues on my slow computer. I could try and recode the game with delta time in it, but im afraid it might cause the glitches again.

If you are using forces/impulses/velocities to move your rigid bodies, then you don’t need to use dt.

You use that only when you step an entity using setPosition/translate.