Quick collaboration to set up a server on glitch

Hello, anyone is up for a quick help to set up a server on glitch? I took a look at the site and didn’t understand what to do.

The actual problem is to make a login page since i’m unable to make cors work on glitch, does anyone have a working project i can study? Thanks.

Hi @ayrin,

I am not aware of a tutorial, but a quick search online reveled the following glitch projects that does basic auth on a node.js server:

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Another system that is relatively easy to deploy on top of any webpage or webapp to enable authentication is firebase auth:


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Thanks @Leonidas i will try those out.

I already have this done https://glitch.com/edit/#!/skillful-amenable-sky?path=app%2Fauth.js%3A16%3A3 that allow the login with google in the glitch project, do you know how can i move it into playcanvas project?