Questions about the New 2022 playcanvas showcase

I recently watched the 2022 developer showcase… but it didn’t have ANY of the bigger developers on the platform… and not even the popular games!!! ex: L2D is a popular game made in playcanvas!! so why isn’t it up there? these games are games i’ve NEVER heard from on the platform… and also… i really don’t understand the absence of Trigo Run in this showcase… it’s a REALLY popular project that took form over THIS YEAR!!! it has a speedrunning page AND an ITCH.IO PAGE!!! so i’m protesting the roster that was chosen for this showcase… if your going to make a showcase of popular games… get the POPULAR games, not some random choices

And my solution is Either to republish and remake the showcase… with an accurate roster with more popular playcanvas games including Trigo Run…

The games/applications for the showcases are chosen because they show the capabilities the engine and use cases.

I’m more than happy to go through the list one by one but they are not random games nor unpopular. You haven’t seen them because they are usually done by paid users/companies on the platform.

For example, Aritelia is by Leonidas and shows that a high fidelity, open world, with in game creation can be done in PlayCanvas.

The messenger games like Fashion Icon and Let’s Doodle are HTML 5 games on the Snapchat app.

Storage Space (VR) won the JS13K Games competition last year for WebXR: 2021 | WebXR Entries | js13kGames

I’m happy to hear that you want your game in the showcase but it would have to match what’s been shown in terms of quality and impact.

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yeah he won a competition LAST year… these games are older… how does the community expect new games off of the showcase when only a few of them are made in 2022… let alone being active… these are older… this is a 2022 showcase not a 2021

It was done after the 2021 showcase and because of the legal work we have to do to approve the use of the videos and brands, there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to get them legally signed off by IP owners

also with trigo run matching quality… i’m pretty sure my game is of more quality than cube surfer and scribble rider… those are remakes of random already existing mobile games

Cube Surfer and Scribble Rider by, one of the largest mobile developers in the world and again, was published as a game in the Snapchat app.

and he got 2 games up there… that doesn’t leave room at all when he gets 2 very similar mobile recreations on there

If you really want Trigo Run to be in the next showcase video, you will have to up the quality and impact of the game so that it can stand along side the games and applications that have been shown before.

These videos are predominately a marketing tool to show potential users and customers on what could be made by the engine and also brands/companies that use it.

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how does Trigo run not have the quality requirement… it seems like you require a game to be featured by every youtuber on the planet before it gets considered… i dont see how trigo run doesnt have better quality than “cube surfer” it’s a fully fledged neon platforming game that already has a speedrunning page and an page with a STEAM page coming soon

How blunt do you want the feedback to be?

??? I don’t understand what you’re saying…

Trigo Run doesn’t have the same level of polish as any of the games/experiences with featured before.

If I compare to something like the the Impossible Game which has a much more polished level design and user experience then perhaps there’s an argument there to be included.

With Cube Surfer, they show a polished game with great UI and game loop, a recognisable IP that shows you can take a mobile hyper casual game and port to PlayCanvas and a company that is as large as Voodoo is using PlayCanvas to do so.

i don’t understand the problems with polish ui etc… this game has all the main features a polished game has… good level design… settings… expansive UI… quality of life features… even a speedrunning timer… and more quality of life features… i will understand if your capable of listing the “problems” That Trigo Run seems to have

also you seem to only let the Large companies into your showcase… i’m starting to think they’re paying you to feature them… because all the developers here are bigger developers or companies… not individuals… i would bet money on the fact that you’re payed to feature them

Nope, none of them have paid to be in it.

Partially. Remember that it is marketing video so it makes sense for us to have big brands in it

Artielia is by a very small team
Brass is by an Individual
Storage Space 13 is by an Individual

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so rename it from “showcase” to Advertisement of your platform… you don’t “showcase” good projects from playcanvas… you only showcase the ones with the most users so you can pull more users and grab more cash…

Are you saying that none of the games/applications shown are ‘good’ in your opinion?

you dont put them there because they’re “good” you put them there because it will grab the most money from the users you want to push in