Question on UI

I have attached the mock of the potential UI.
I was wondering if there was a UI library that we can use as I would need pagination, sliders, dynamic image loading via url, caching etc, almost that native feel.
I’ve seen some applications use a mix of react native + engine.
I also see playcanvas has - Introducing PCUI – An Open Source UI Framework for the Web 🚀 | PlayCanvas

What would you recommend be the best approach here to achieve the following look?

Hi @Silicon_6ix,

I’d say that if you are looking for a more complex UI, then indeed an HTML based solution like the ones you mentioned will work better.

React is a generic framework for dynamically binding data to HTML, it will not give you on its own the visual look you are targeting. But libraries built on react can help do that.

It also depends on how you access your data (thumbnails, prices etc). Some frameworks provide easier access to several popular databases (e.g. Firebase).

Here is an example of a framework that has a vast library of ready to use components. It’s used for mobile development but works equally good when targeting web apps:

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Thats awesome thank you.

Is there any learning material for having an external HTML UI work with the playcanvas build (e.g here we need to emulate the drag and drop from the HTML UI, into the engine).

E.g this would be a solid example.

Check this basic example, although simple, it showcases how to add and communicate from HTML to PlayCanvas:

There are several ways to approach this topic, PlayCanvas being a regular JS application it makes it easy to communicate with any other JS library.

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Thank you, I will experiment from here :slight_smile:

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