Question about cube maps

Hello, I am currently making an interior scene and I stumbled upon a problem: I have a scene wich consist of two rooms kitchen and living room, I want to use cubemap for reflections and lighting. I can render it in blender, but becase of irregural shape of the rooms I cant just put camera at the center and make a panoramic image. I think if I divide room in two parts and apply 2 different cubemaps to them it will solve a problem, but maybe I am wrong, or there is an easier solution. Thanks for any help
Link to project:

Thanks for replay, unfortunatly I cant just drag cube map into environment chanel, because my room isn’t square or rectangular shaped. When I make a 360 image I cant take whole room because of the wall wich divides kitchen and living room. To make lightmaps I applyed white diffuse shader to objects and baked difuse maps.

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