Question about Collision Layer


I’m making a simple 2D shooter as a PlayCanvas training (PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine) and trying to make bullet and player rigid body don’t collide each other. I put a code not to fire explosion when those two collide. But I can’t have PlayCanvas physics engine to ignore collisions between those two types of rigid bodies. And it end up with unwanted sudden acceleration of the player character when it fires many bullets at once while moving. How can I resolve this issue?

The player is a dynamic rigid body with a spherical collision component. The bullets is a kinetic rigid body with a spherical collision component.

It seems Unity uses a feature called Collision Layer to deal with this kind of requirement. But I couldn’t find a similar feature in PlayCanvas.

Thanks in advance!

The PlayCanvas rigidbody system includes the Groups and Masks features.

You can assign rigidbodies to groups and set masks for which groups a rigidbody will interact with.

There are some more details in this answer:

Thank you Dave!

I should have checked Answers forum before I post this here. I’ll try collision group feature today.

By the way, I felt the link to the forum and answers are not prominent enough in both and the user’s home page. If it’s possible to put the link in the top menu, that would be great!