Question about a project i found:

I found this project while browsing around about playcanvas:

It belongs to @BenBean303 i seen he has all the code and everything set up but none of it works and i feel it has great potential (Off of network base) and was wondering why nobody works on it ?

Because they didn’t want to? Other projects took priority? etc

Well of course i thought of that too but im not sure… seems like they had it ready to go then just stopped. I Forked my own version and im going to try to work it out

Looks like the server doesn’t exist anymore which is why it doesn’t work. Probably waiting on commands on the server to start the game/move etc.

You would need to write the missing server code to get it up and running.

@BenBean303 Do you still have the code kicking around?

It turns out I do still have the old code for this! I don’t want to make the server code public as I may come back to this project in future and I can’t throw it onto an ec2 instance as the game is way too early in development.

However I’ve recorded a small video of gameplay if you’d like to see:


I hope you dont mind but i forked from it and see what i can do with it as a single player game… Nice btw looks really good! Is there a way i could make my own server?

That’s fair.

@Nathan_Hawkins1If you want your own server, you basically have to ‘reverse engineer’ it based on the client logic in the scripts and host it somewhere. I’m guessing it’s a node.js server?

Ya i think its node js Could i use the Real Time Multiplayer Example server? how would i change the servers? I havent messed around with networking yet but it seems this would kinda help me learn so i can make my own project, Do i just have to change where the server being connected?

@BenBean303 Does this code only run off your server? Would i have have to start my own server to make it run properly?

@Nathan_Hawkins1 Yes that’s correct. The majority of the project’s code is found on the server. Writing a multiplayer game can become incredibly difficult very quickly, I would suggest starting with a more simple project if you’re just starting to learn networking. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you! Also what would you suggest doing? like just something sumple like the real time tutorial and just adding some features to it?

The tech stack is fairly new to me too so I was looking at starting here:

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