Quality Menu

Hey there,

i want a Quality Menu in my Application just like this

is there a way to change quality Levels (like in Unity where you can define whats low, medium, high, ultra and then switch them in Code or similar)?

Thanks ^^

Hi @cw_bc,

You will need to program that:

  1. Create the required UI either using PlayCanvas elements or HTML.
  2. Code a script that responds to the UI and sets the appropriate values e.g. toggle post effects on the active camera on/off.

Is it possible to change the global Shadow Quality (shadowAtlasResolution or similar) while runtime?
some really performance heavy settings?
Or maybe enable / disable shadows?
I cannot find a way to do this globally instead of take every single render Component and enable / disable it directly on them. Or is this the beste practise?
And especially while using Clustered Lightning also changing these settings on runtime.
Because i think, since i have a lot of Realtime Lightning (wich i need for the purpose of the App) this is what consumes the most of the Performance

LG cw_bc

Well you need to change that setting per light, an easy way to do that is to search for all light components and batch update any e.g. shadow setting:

this.app.root.findComponents('light').forEach(light => {
   e.g. toggle shadows on/off
   light.castShadows = !light.castShadows;

For clustered lights you can change some settings on runtime similarly but you can’t toggle them on/off. That requires project reload.