Putting Copyright on my own Project?

I am almost finished with the V1 of my first game, and I don’t want anyone to steal the idea. I know the website already has forking, and for a good cause : to help others learn how you did the project. But I don’t want people to copy it for reasons of making an actual game that is identical to mine and call it theirs. Is there a way to prevent this? Or is it part of the websites Terms and Conditions that we won’t do that?


We follow same principles as GitHub pretty much as you already noticed.
There is a way to work in private though, and it is by using Pro account. It will give you ability to make your projects private, and will give you some more perks too.

Although copyrighting - is the concept that you can enforce legally on your content, and is not really related to ability to copy sources or not. So just state clearly in your game that the product is copyrighted, and then if you find someone using it without your concern, you can ask to remove that content based on copyrights.

Ok thanks! That’s all I wanted to know.