Published build is referencing invalid files

I published our project to a zip download. Extracted the zip and uploaded it to my personal site for testing. I’m seeing a long list of 404 for various assets.
I’ve checked the extracted zip and the assets don’t exist there (so it’s not a problem with the uploading).
Any idea what’s going on?

(If you need access to the project, please let me know with a DM or email, I’ve been given permission to share it for debug, but not publicly)

@PeteB How did you download the zip? Did you go to the editor and click on publish on the left toolbar and get this screen?

Or did you go to your project browser and download the zip there?

Here is some Playcanvas references for self publishing.

“Did you go to the editor and click on publish”
Yes I did.

Hey @PeteB,

So you published the build, but didn’t download it? it looks like the 404’s are from a self hosted version, so are you iframing the content or something else? Would be good to get an understanding of the steps you went through? Also is this the dir you’re runnign from? Index of /html

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I covered this in the first message, but here’s more detail…

I used the publish button, then the download as zip button, I unpacked the zip and uploaded it via ftp, then I tested the upload in Chrome browser on Windows 10.
I saw this long list of 404s and checked one of the file paths to see if was present on my site. It wasn’t, so I thought that the upload had partially failed, but filezilla was not showing any failed transfers. I checked the folders on my desktop that had been uploaded, and the file wasn’t there either. Finally I opened the zip downloaded from PlayCanvas publish procedure and searched inside it, the file is just not there.

The client has gone live with a new version after several panic changes and publish attempts. It seems to be stable so hopefully this was a transient failure. I reported it because I thought you might be able to find an underlying cause and improve the engine if it turns out to be an obscure failure case there.

Link (still exhibits the same behaviour for me):

Hi @PeteB ,

Thank you for reporting this issue, it is extremely helpful. Please allow me to ask one more question!

Was the fix to re-export the project (and the files then appeared) or did you have to do anything more?


Hi @slimbuck, I’m sorry but I really can’t remember what we did to fix this one. We’ve been busy fighting a series of problems with Instagram and LinkedIn webviews (apparently they use an older type, and it seems to have an arbitrary vram limitation that varies per device!) The issue mentioned here is still visible on the link I posted above if you want to take a look, but it hasn’t resurfaced in our newer builds so I haven’t been following this thread very closely.
I will be taking that down early next week though to free up the space on my server.

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