PS5 Controller 3D Configurator

Hi guys, wanted to this share this ps5 controller configurator project my team did.

Link to try out the app

Hi @nazeer_sany,

Nice work! Many thanks for sharing, it’s looking great.

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HI @Leonidas , thank you for liking our work.
Will post more soon!

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Very polished!

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PS Button would be nice to have in other colors too… but anyway, I will buy it already for £NaN :sweat_smile:


HI , thanks for trying out the configurator, Client only provided us with one color, its actually a project we did for a client. But thanks for pointing it out, we will add more colors and fix that price bug!

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Thank you!

Hello I am inspire i always look to create above type of application. would anyone tell me the guide how to create that one many thanks