Prototype similar in style to Helix Jump, with realistic physics

I put this together in a few days, it’s amazing how quickly PlayCanvas can be used to prototype something. ( 10% done, needs to get to 80%, then it’s only 80% to go!)

Like any tech, it’s about knowing about and working around limitations - and reporting those limitations, so that it’s easier for both the next set of people using the software, and also for the current set of users in the long run.


Cool! Here’s another Helix Jump style game:


Nice Helix jump clone!
How did you do the ball trail?

The second game just seems to render a plane facing the camera with a texture on it. Simple but effective.

@Mal_Duffin would have to explain his technique, but I’m guessing it’s just a dynamically updated pc.Mesh. A typical polytrail type effect.

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Hi @DmitryDevGuy

I knew there was a ribbon script in the Swoop game ( using the old PlayCanvas code system ), and I was hoping to just be able to copy this functionality into my game.

I then took time out to update it to work with the new system ( quite a few hours ).

Here’s the project, so that other devs can just copy and paste the functionality into their own games ( and hopefully extend it, and paste it back )

@will This is why it’s important to update some of the excellent old examples ( eg Swoop ), so that new and existing devs can quickly add features like the ribbon tail into their own projects.

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Oh yes, I completely agree! :smile:

Awesome work with the trail shader and script! I had been wanting to implement it for my own projects too and had looked at the Swoop source code but hell I felt very lazy to try it out.

Pretty sure many devs will find this useful.

We really need to get a serious “asset store” going to speed up things.


Hi @Mal_Duffin
Incredible work you made with ribbon.js script!!! just awesome!

Looks like you really understand it all to convert it to new script!, maybe you can tell me if it’s possible and get me in the right direction? I want to know if I can modify or use this script as start point, to create
some similar trail, but with sphere form, not plane, I was do this before but using a low poly sphere and put in the position of the moving object and interpolating between the points to put really a lot of spheres, but this is not a good practice and also if the object moves really fast, the effect don’t always work.

if you know some way I really really will appretiate it.