Proper setting for rigging FBX to use animations in PlayCanvas

Dear Community,

I’ve been developing work in Unity as of late and have come back to PlayCanvas for a specific project. Bt I am running into a bit of a hiccup. I am trying to attach animations onto an FBX model. I have watched this super clear video PlayCanvas Animation Component Tutorial - Javascript Game Development / Part 2 - YouTube about PC’s process, such an improvement from the old model. I have tried building my own version based off of this, and as soon as I imported my own model in it did not work. I thought it was an issue with my code, so I forked their project and then imported my model including disable Import hierarchy. The model has bones, I can see them in the player, but the animations are not attaching. I am exporting them from a Unity project anI tried multiple riggings. Here is a link to the project. PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine Any help I would greatly appreciate.

Had a quick look at the current setup.

Run01.glb animation works fine and is setup correctly looking at the animation data .

Take 001.glb that is used for the idle state is not rigged for the priest model and has a different hierarchy setup so it doesn’t animate. Unity allows for retargeting of bones which we don’t support at the moment.

It looks like Take 001.glb animation is set to be used for a MHuman rig?

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Is that something you plan on integrating soon? That would certainly be a game changer.

I know it is possible to export an FBX from Unity. If I change the rigging it in Unity does that data get included? I am trying to come up with a workaround as I have purchase many packs of animations I would love to integrate. Thanks. Brian

I don’t believe it is on the short term roadmap at this stage unfortunately.

Do make a request for this on the engine repo and as people comment and upvote it, it helps us decide priority/demand for it