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I am thinking of developing a project that will have commercial use, and I would like to know which playcanvas projects I can use as a base without breaching any licensing issues. I mean projects in which Playcanvas is the owner, and projects in which the owner is another user and has the project available to fork.

I have a paid plan on Playcanvas.

Thank you very much!

You can use any project for commercial purposes, regardless of who the owner is, as long as the project is public. Albeit, you won’t have access to private projects, unless the owner gave you access.

And in this case? →

The project is public but you can´t fork it due to the assets used in the project. Should I use with comercial purposes only public projects that are forkable?.

To be honest, I didn’t know that was a thing. Maybe its an old feature? I don’t think you can mark assets like that today.

@will is that a public feature? I mean locking public project due to private assets.

Generally, if the project is public, you can fork it and use for commercial purposes. If some assets are non-CC0, then the author usually states it somewhere in the project, e.g. a text file or in the project description. If you can’t fork a project, then you can’t use it, not sure what the question is here.

You should read terms of use. It is pretty clear with what you can do with other people’s projects:

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I’m not sure that’s strictly true. This is not legal advice, but if a project is public without a license that indicates otherwise, it’s copyright by default

Well, if a project has some non-CC0 assets, then it is up to the person who forks it to respect the owner’s request not to use those. From legal perspective (based on TOS) anything that is made public via public project can be used for anything by anyone, CC0 or not. If someone doesn’t want to give rights to some assets, then the project should not be public.