Project takes forever to load

here’s my project
and it takes around 5 minutes to load from the launch page
and the project is around 700mb even tho it shouldn’t be like that

its the random space increase glitch again

The issue that you have a mesh physics collider of the space station which is 50920 triangles.

The physics library Ammo has to create the collision mesh at runtime and because it has so many triangles, it’s taking a long time to create hence the long startup time in the launch window.

Mesh collisions should be used carefully and be as simple as possible.

You also have other collision meshes which are near as big such as the corridor sections which are 24000 triangles

so how do i fix that, while still getting the collisions i want

You will have to create a low poly version of the model to use as the collision mesh

and how do i do that :question:

how do i create a low poly version

You can use Blender, load your model, join all objects to a single model and add a decimate modifier.

It basically reduces polycount, works great with mesh colliders.

If that sounds way too hard, consider doing some free Blender tutorials first! It can be a hard program to get started with, but it’s powerful.

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ugh i do not have blender :confused:

If you are able to install applications to your computer, you can grab it for free here:

currently not able too
running on a 2016 chromebook
i’m getting a gaming laptop this winter
so any other solutions?

There is this modelling application that you can access from a webpage. It’s not so powerful as Blender, but it may be able to do something similar:

i’ll try :expressionless: