Project Space Usage

Hello. It would be useful for me if in the settings tab for a project it showed the size of the assets/apps/code for that individual project.

I’m forever running out of space on my account, and the space usage on the account settings page only shows how much space I am using in total, so I often just have to go through my projects and guess which one is taking up all my space

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The same is happening for me now and it feels as if I’m not getting back as much as I delete…

@whydoidoit just recalculated your usage, seems the same.

@Lizzip indeed, that would be a useful stat to have. We can put total size in project dashboard overview, and split in a bit more detail in editor in some place.

Published builds take usually most of space, just delete old builds, and that will release loads of space.
For me it is a biggest use after assets. Code takes the least.
And we don’t add up database size, such as entities data (hierarchy) or assets meta information and other bits.

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