Project size in overview showing more than expected

In my project overview it says size 4.74 gb but when I look at all my builds they amount to just around 1.2 gb…plus the current project is around another 300mb.

Any idea why this could be?

I figured it might be to do with my checkpoints but then again there does seem to be a way to remove checkpoints individually.


This includes checkpoints and any builds that have not been deleted in the Builds view.

The only way to prune checkpoints is to make a fork of the project unfortunately. Generally that is not desirable so if you need extra space, we will bump it up for free.

So i can’t get rid of the checkpoints unless i fork it?

Yes, that’s correct.

In that case, yes please :). I might need some extra space because I’ve got yet another Playcanvas project coming up and I’ve trimmed out all the builds I can I the moment.

yeah, true