Project Size in Account Console

Hi Everyone,
Is there a spot in the Play Canvas Account Console that breaks down each Projects by size?

Trying to see how much space each project is taking up, approaching our 10 gig limit and need to kill some projects.


There is no such feature at the moment. I think we don’t show project size anywhere at the moment but we could. I’ll add it to our list.

That would be really good to have, we are managing a lot of projects now and it will get much more complex in the future for our company.
Thanks again

You can delete your source models in finished projects :wink:

Thanks for the protip :slight_smile:

Well, you can, but I wouldn’t, personally. Keeping source assets around means that you keep a complete representation of a project that anybody can iterate on, without somebody having to go hunting around on their hard drive for an old FBX.

We change those too often to remove them anyways, and in terms of project size it’s the builds that take up the most space since builds get bigger and bigger as you add more stuff even if they aren’t using the resources they seem to add.
I jsut try and stay on top of deleting builds, but we have to keep some around to track progress.