Project size help

Hi, previously my project file was about 600mb, and suddenly it got shot up to 1.1gb, i did not add any huge file in it, any idea what could have happened?

Did you save Checkpoints?

oh yea i did, any idea how to remove them?

Unfortunately as far as I am aware theres no way to delete checkpoints

ah crap…think any devs could help out on this…?

maybe @yaustar might be able to help.

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@will can also help too

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Checkpoints cannot be deleted no. So far, the only workaround is to fork (which take the latest of master) and delete the old project.

Things that affect project sizes are any published builds, checkpoints, branches.

im too afraid to do any deleting… is there another work around?

If you are over your limit, I can give you a small bump (post your PlayCanvas username)

it’s “isbrandon”
yea its over the limit, and i need to add more stuff…

Looking at the project, the disk usage is pretty high due to all the MP4 files you have on the project. While that isn’t a problem, we generally recommend to have those files hosted externally such as a S3 bucket.

I will bump up your storage to 2GB but you should consider how you are storing your larger files.