Project size different from the actual asset size

Hi Everyone, just wanna ask why my project size is different from the actual asset size? the GLB container itself is about 46.7MB, but shows only 3.71MB in the project size.

also, sometimes it show a negative bytes count instead of the actual size

Thanks in advance!

maybe it hasn’t updated yet

how long does it take to show the correct project size?

maybe 10-15 minutes if you reload it, and,or publish it it should update instantly.

the project was made 6 hours ago

i think it shows the size of the updated/published project

so you need to publish every project just to get the correct size?

That’s good question :thinking: Forking the project gives the correct size in the fork.

Created a ticket for this: Project shows incorrect size in Dashboard (small than it should be) · Issue #742 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

It’s likely to be just a reporting issue on the dashboard

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