Project Lost by switching accounts

I purchased an organisation plan which I have already payed for two months (this one included).
By mistake, I’ve switch it back to free plan. So I’ve lost an expensive project which I need to have available this whole month.
Can anyone from the support team can help me on how to fix this?

I’ve mailed [] [] and dave through the forum but didn’t get any answer.

I know a related post is out there, but I feel really disappointed as I haven’t been answered from one week ago.

I’m surprised that it’s lost as when a Personal plan goes to Free, the project should still be there but become read only to my knowledge.

@will @vaios Can you help sr_elfo here please?

Projects are never deleted by switching between plans. I have asked somebody on the team to follow up with you by e-mail.

Just so you know, the PlayCanvas team is based in the US and 4th/5th July were holidays over here, so today is the first day back in the office. (Your question about the missing projects came in on the 4th July, I believe, rather than a week ago).

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I have responded to you via email.

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