Project Activity Calendar (display bug)?

So, today is the 9th of February in my universe. But the activity calendar on my project page is still showing the last week of January, with no interface to change the month displayed. Is the Doctor at work again?

It’s a minor tiny display bug on the website, but it is slowly beginning to annoy me. I can’t watch my work clock go up and feel my empty sense of accomplishment for leaving the editor open this week if I can’t see the data. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, so this one is probably low priority. Still, once seen, cannot unsee.

EDIT: actually it’s way more broken of a display then I thought. My project creation date is Feb 2nd. So I should actually have no activity at all for Jan, and it should be showing Feb.

Edit 2: It also just occured to me as I type this that the calendar box might instead be showing the last 30 days activity on the project, and not actually represent a month in the calendar year. If that’s the case, it’s a terrible way of displaying the data. The day initials and monthly look to it throw the whole display off and make it extremely confusing to read. And this tuesday is missing from my display regardless despite having opened the editor this week.

@darkgriffin after some time, seems like you’ve “cracked” the logic of it.
It is simply last 28 days (4 weeks).
Exactly same logic but different orientation as on github ( ). They do exactly same, but for ~356 days back.

Point of this, is to show activity for last 30 days, as it is way more important, than activity within a specific month. Especially when month just started. As it will look “short” and mostly empty for all the beginnings of month.
Most important is this: if you’ve been active constantly, it should be very “full”, and thats is a current logic.
Just like this most active public project (09.02.2016):

The activity widget shows the last 28 days of activity in your project. It is not a calendar and you can’t see the activity before 28 days. This is mostly a widget to show how active a project was recently not a detailed journal of your activity.