Programmer for Rat in a Maze Project

Project Page :

After a programmer to help out with the scripting elements of the game I’ve managed to have some small successes in terms of improving my javascript skills and incorporating them into the game engine but realistically this has slowed down the project as my JS skils are basic.

If anyone is interested let me know and i’ll invite you to the team - we have so far

Chris - Level design / Lighting / Game Design / Sound design
Ryan - 3D Modelling
Ashley - Narrative ideas

Initially this would be just to assist with:

  1. Control system - 1st person simple control system
  2. Collision detection
  3. assisting with fine tuning physics engine etc

Later on:

  • Weapons systems
  • GUI
  • Enemy AI / Pathways
  • Possibly cutscenes


Respond on here is that sounds of interest - just looking for someone with good knowledge of JS who can help us out at this stage but would be brill to get on board a committed and creative coder for the longer term development of the game. It’s mostly been me solo so far bar some feedback and input from the other two so very much looking for a partner in game development crime!

You can view a playlist of vlogs showing progress so far on this youtube playlist -


Let me know

Hey Chris,

I can help you out with the areas you have listed. I’ve done collision detection, FPS controls, weapons, pathfinding, UI etc in my projects.

Here’s a few:

And there are many more on my page

Let me know if I can help.

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Hello Lizzip

Sounds great! Could you send me your details so I can add you on the team!



Hi Chris, you can just add me as Lizzip. I don’t have time today or tomorrow, but hopefully Saturday or Sunday I can start having a look :smile:

Excellent!! Nice one Lizzip!