Profiler VRAM "Texture Assets" vs "Textures Other"

In the profiler in the VRAM section what is the difference between “Texture Assets” and “Textures Other”?


After I programatically change scenes to a almost completely empty scene, after unloading tagged assets and destroying the old scene hierarchy, I see most of the “Texture Assets” VRAM released but not so much “Textures Other”


Textures other are usually textures that have been created at runtime or don’t belong to an asset. For example, if you had a video playing from a MP4, a video texture would be created for it at runtime usually.

If you are changing scenes, make sure that textures created at runtime are freed at some point.

Yes I do have a video playing. That will be it. Cheers!

Actually it was a cubemap. I tagged it and it now gets unloaded. :slight_smile: