Product visualisation tool using PlayCanvas

For one of my customers I am planning to build a 3d product visualisation tool with an editor with below use cases.

  1. User will upload a .step or .iges file in to the 3d editor tool
  2. User must be able to change the texture using axf or any other color/material
  3. User must be able to select different elements of 3d object and apply different colors
  4. User must be able to change directional lighting
  5. User must be able to change background by uploading an image
  6. User must be able to download as PDF file

Basically I wanted to know PlayCanvas is feasible to implement above use cases.

Also can I embed the PlayCanvas editor into my customer application with minimal controls which is adequate for above use cases?

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PlayCanvas can help you with a scene manipulation, like positioning objects and handle lighting.

It doesn’t know what CAD formats are or how to handle them. It only knows how to work with common 3D model files, like FBX/GLB. You would have to create your own parser to work with step/iges/axf file formats.

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