Problems with touch on ios

I created a very simple application which allows you to click on an object and place it on a snowman and it seems to work fine on the desktop with a mouse and on android by pressing on the screen but pressing the screen on IOS doesn’t appear to work.

project is at

this is the first time I have ever coded something non-VR for an IOS browser so I might not have coded it correctly.

For touch, you need to use touch events, not mouse events.

Ah! so browsers on Android simulate mouse clicks when touched, and IOS does not?

It’s complicated.
Just use touch events to do touch stuff. It is very different input type conceptually.

Managed to get it up and running,
noticed that touch event coordinates seem to work best on ios when the phone is in portrait, when it’s in landscape it can be quite difficult to select stuff. Very odd, but at least it’s working.