Problems with the model import engine

My ID not enough rest model import engine normal distribution after another (only 10 ID), then I put the adjusted model, rest 5 another ID has been added, and share the new (different) textures to rest to these ID corresponding to another, but when I put the new model in the iteration after the engine with the old model, not the rest five another new ID, There are only 5 new material balls (these 5 material balls are not attached to the model), may I ask why? What happened to the 5 facet ids I added?

恩恩恩恩,can you understand whate i said?,How should I describe it,thanks god

Hi @11128! Adding screenshots or other visuals can help explain the problem.

It is this model that cannot be used when imported

Why do subobjects appear when I import my model into the engine? It used to be an object!

We have Import Hierarchy asset task enabled by default now which has a number of benefits.

Read more about it here: Import full model hierarchy into PlayCanvas | PlayCanvas

If you don’t want this, you can disable it in the Assets Tasks of project settings

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