Problems with picking up items and using them

I need someone to help me with this game because I’m struggling, I will pay anyone who will help me with my game

Hi @JessJess123!

What are the pickable objects in your scene and which script do you use for it?

It looks like your changeScene script is attached to an entity without a button component. That’s probably why you get the error at start of your game.


the bullets are supposed to be picked up

I was unable to find bullet entities in your project.

To be able to pick up an entity you need at least add a collision component, to trigger an event on a script that you need to add a well.

Can you do it? I’ll pay you $100

No sorry, but if you try yourself first I can help you if you get stuck.

@JessJess123 Have a look at the project below and the associated scripts for pickup of items. Inside the game I have springled gun clips and health. When you run over them they get added to your inventory. Hope this helps.