Problems with performance on mobile

Recently i had problems with performance on low mobile

But several days ago i didn’t have these problems

For example, on Redmi Note 7 i have 30-50 fps avg, and everything was ok

Now i have 6-8 fps and it’s quite strange, but when in my project i starting change timescale for 0.5 fps become 40-50fps

I dont use anti-alias, device pixel ratio and even a lot lights or a lot triangles models

Hi @wazti,

I had a quick look at your project, indeed polycount and draw calls are low. But what makes your game slow on mobile is the use of post effects on your main camera (bloom, bokeh, vignette).

Mobile devices aren’t good at doing multi pass rendering, hence those post effects slow them down a lot. Try disabling them on mobile and keep them only available for high end devices. And even better make them an option that the user can switch on/off.

PS: Nice game by the way!

yeah, i know that effects like bloom are very heavy

but i dont have problems few days ago on low mobile (all these effects were turned on)

I don’t understand what is connected with such a sharp drop in fps in game over a few days from 30-50 fps to 6. last days i only added content (new levels) and physics layers support

it seems that problem with masking and grouping layers on rigid
when i removed, performance became better

wazti mentioned in a PM that mesh colliders were used. Can you talk a bit more here so others can also learn from this please? :slight_smile:

as I think, the problem appeared after adding layers on the physics, as if the triggers began to iterate once again with the mesh collider. On mesh collider used this script masking PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
1 - new
2 - old

I tried to change everything in all project, but only this fix with size colliders increase the performance on mobile

Using a mesh collider is expensive for physics checks. We recommend using primitives or compound physics where possible