Problems with Movement

Dear Community,

a few days ago I had already contacted the forum with difficulties regarding the movement in virtual space.
I was already helped a lot with the so-called Point & Click Movement.

But now there’s a new question which came up.

I would like to move in the room by point and click. However, this should happen from the first person perspective (similar to the way you move in Google Street). Is this possible?

Is it possible to merge 2 source codes/ scripts? For example, by mixing/connecting the command for the 1st Person Perspective camera with the command for Point and Click Movement?

Thanks a lot, Jan

Hi @Jann,

If the point and click movement example works for you, as a learning experiment try attaching the camera to the player entity as a child.

It will automatically change the viewpoint to first person.

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Hi Leonidas,

thanks for the quick reply. This Forum is super helpful!

Is there actually a Manual/ Instruction/ Tutorial or even Script for that?

Thanks again!

For adding the camera as a child to the player entity, you can do so in the editor, no need to add code for that.

Just drag and drop the camera entity to the player entity.

The manual can be found here, if you haven’t found it already:

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