Problems with mixamo

Hello guys, i’m experiencing some problem when i import my own character on mixamo, when i apply an animation it keeps loading forever, the strange things is that the character i import was exported from mixamo itself. So i wonder if it’s mixamo site problem or if they updated it and my fbx is outdated. I have tryed to import the fbx file in blender and export it again but it doesn’t work either. Do you have some hint?

Hi @ayrin, could you share a sample project?

I have worked with Mixamo characters in Playcanvas and it used to work fine, if properly configured when doing the export on the mixamo site.

uhm yes i can send you a couple of characters but i don’t know how to do it here, i can send them by e-mail if u want.

You can create a simple public PlayCanvas project and upload the FBX files in that. Then just share the project or editor url here.

Added you to the test project

Thanks, from what I see your character animation kind of plays for less than a second and then loops. If the issue is that it keeps looping then just turn off Loop in the Animation Component.

If the issue is the animation not being complete or being broken (it seems to me) maybe it wasn’t exported correctly in the first place. Try exporting it again using the default Mixamo settings, I did that for testing it and it works out of the box:

No the problem is that if i try to apply any other animation it doesn’t and keep loading endless (inside mixamo i mean)

Ah, you mean you have a problem in the Mixamo interface not PlayCanvas?

I had a similar problem using Mixamo on Firefox, tried using Chrome and it was resolved. Anyhow this is something take on their support channels @ayrin.

Thanks Leonidas, i tried also with chrome with the same result, i looked for mixamo support but didn’t find a way to submit my problem (the send button did’t work) so i tried here :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe try on the Fuse (beta) forum in the Adobe site, Fuse is their desktop app build around the mixamo service: