Problems with binary GLB importation

Good afternoon guys, me again with a GLB problem again kkk

I splitted my GLB file and zipped it to do some parallelization on loading, but when i reconstruct the file, it is no more recognized by the glb reader.

I created a project to show you what is happening.
!!! IMPORTANT !!! To access the database, first you need to access this link and allow the entrance because it is self certified yet

  • Basicly I load a json with the urls information and based on it, I load each part and extract it to strings.
  • Then I store all these strings in order and reassemble them in a ArrayBuffer.
  • All works fine until there, but when i try to load the GLB, an error is thrown

Invalid chunk type found in glb file. Expected 0x004E4942, found 0x1e0000

It occurs when the reader tries to reach the end of json chunk.

Someone can help me? Maybe @will