Problems running an App on iOS on playcanvas server

Good day!

We have developed an app and it runs fine on PC and Android devices, but when we try to run it on iOS from the provided Playcanvas link, it just does not work, we get the following message:

This site can´t be reached´s server DNS address could not be found.

This happens on iPhone and iPad.

Does anyone have gone through the same issue? can anyone help with some input?

Thank you so much.

It seems that one was a temporary issue, we downloaded and uploaded the project to a different server, now it gets to show the pre-loader, but still, on iOS won´t show anything, while on PC and Android works perfect.

Any ideas?

Have you performed remote debugging of an issue with iOS device? To look into console for errors and network information?

Hi Max,

Thank you for answering, to be honest I haven´t look into remote debugging at all, I don´t even know how to do that yet, this has been our first project with PlayCanvas, and we did it straight for production, it was risky but we trusted what we saw of PlayCanvas, and decided to learn it while developing for our client.

What we did was to delete unused scripts and fbx files, and that seems to have improved the build, it is working now, it still doesn´t feel like a bugs free iOS version though.

Where can I learn about debugging?.

Thank you!

FBX are never included into published builds, so deleting them should not affect application performance at all.

This rather sounds very weird. Could you explain your workflow from Editor to iOS, how you publish a build and could you share any links? Because without looking at anything - is trying to solve issues blind.

Remote debugging pages on iOS device is just classic Safari remote debugging. Refer to this page to do it:

Hi Max,

Thank you again, I will look into the link you sent…

We actually did not build it for iOS, I was talking about the web version that did not work on browsers in iPhone and iPad, but worked just fine in Android and PC.

We are gonna build a new version tomorrow, and I will post that new link here.

Thank you again!

I understand. But you still have to remote debug it to identify issues you having.