Problems: Post Effect / Layers / Render Targets

Hey everyone,

I really have a problem wrapping my head around the concept of having render Targets associated with layers and not with cameras.
I’m coming from Unity and Unreal where those things are more clear to me.

I know about how the post processing works basically - since this is the same concept as in other Game Engines - but the layer system gives me a hard time to be honest.

I want to have the Bloom Post Process isolated for only one object or only for object on a certain layer.
My logic in Unreal or Unity would be something like this:

  1. Cube Mesh
  2. Assign Layer named “PostProcess” to Cube Mesh and remove Cube mesh from World Layer
  3. Create a second camera that only renders the “PostProcess” layer (with the Cube) and write that into a Texture.
  4. Apply PostEffect (Bloom) to only the Camera that renders the “PostProcess” layer.
  5. Render the World without “PostProcess” layer into another Texture
  6. Combine both textures and draw onto a fullscreen quad.

Might not be 100 % right but you get the point.
The structure of the bloom effect is already quite…interesting…

How would that work with layers and render targets?

Hi @js-zrm,

That’s a good question, indeed post process effects can work with layers quite easily. Though there is a lack of examples on how to do that exactly.

You can check the outline post process effect for that, it showcases how to use it on a single layer to affect certain entities only.

yes the lack of examples is quite heavy. especially for the editor.
so there is a mismatch between reading the code above and using the editor.

Guess it would be super nice to have all those examples that exist on git translated to the editor version.
Since the Editor is a big selling point anyways - this will make the start much easier and attractive.

It would be great to have some more guided “best practice” documentation and tutorials for common use cases.

I will have a look into the effect. thanks!

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Yes, sometimes it’s not straightforward how to transfer an engine example in editor.

For this one you are in luck, I’ve transferred it in editor already:

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