Problems creating simple foliage system (and a couple other things)

I was messing around with the Terrain system from the tutorial ( and i was trying to expand it by making a simple foliage system. All it really has to do is place a model at the vertices of the terrain mesh. I’m not sure if there is an easy way to do this but i was having trouble finding it on my own.

A couple other problems:
-Was trying to find the euler angles of the active camera with another script but couldn’t find a way to get it.
-The first person template for some reason makes the controls really floaty even though on the tutorial project they work fine

If you have a reference to the entity that the camera is on, you can use on the entity.

Cross check the settings of the rigidbody. I think the tutorial has a high linear damping value.

Thanks, it turned out the template did have high damping, but that also meant you fell down really slow, so I had to apply a constant down force to the player.

I don’t like using damping for the same reason. I actually directly change the velocity of the rigidbody instead using forces as it allows me to have much finer and controllable controls.